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News Updates:

19:04 - 28/08/2019

I'm hoping to get more vids out on a regular basis. I'm going to get my Pathologic vids done and uploaded along with getting on with ATOM.

I want to get back to uploading around 3 videos weekly on a Wed / Fri / Sun.

New Videos Now Up On Youtube:

Barry Plays: Pathologic HD - Day 3

17:12 - 13/09/2019

In this video we cover the whole of day 3. Today we start off with a letter from the Kains where we find out Simon's body has gone missing... and so has Rubin.
Barry Plays: ATOM RPG - The Mountain Pass of Woe

16:53 - 11/09/2019

Today we arrive at the Mountain Pass of Woe. We make a short round trip around the castle, waterfall, and caravanserai. We also get ambushed by... forest pirates!
Barry Plays: Pathologic HD - Day 2

17:26 - 06/09/2019

In this video we cover the whole of day 2, in which we work with Saburov to restructure power in the town for a quarantine to be put in place. Today we go off to find proof of the infection and convince the Kains and Olgimskys of the threat. We also find the shop prises have sky rocketed and we help Lara gather supplies for the "House of the Living". We also try to sneak out of town.