Who is Barry the Ferret?

Hello and welcome. My name is Barry and I like to make Youtube videos as a hobby.

A brief synopsis just in case the video doesn't load:

Recently people at work were asking me 'what games are you playing' and rather than explaining in depth, I decided to make videos to show them. It is purely a hobby at the moment and a way to learn new skills in editing.

Barry the Ferret is an old character from many years ago - around 1996. It was an 'in joke' with a bunch of friends at church. Barry the Ferret was one of those 'ferret on a ball' toys you would buy at the Gadget Shop. We would 'borrow' Barry to take on holiday etc. and send photos back to Barry's owner. It was what people did to troll back before the internet was common place.

Then I built this site - originally built when I was first learning how to use HTML back in college in 1999. I decided it would be a laugh and showed it to all Barry's fans. We all had a laugh over it back when it was on Geocities.

Then around 2001 I used the name online for many MMORPGs like Ultima, KoL, & WoW. I mainly then used this site as a central hub for guild members to find information on the MMORPG games I was playing at the time.

I then started to do comic strips inspired by The Kingdom of Loathing. And tried my hand at photography at a time. Again, I used this website as a place to display these things. I even had Microsoft Office 2010 help guides at one point along with other random stuff.

Now I'm back and I'm using this site as a hub for my YouTube videos and future upcoming series and long plays.