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17:03 18/07/2019

Work is a fucking joke at the moment. Even the management are leaving. At least the clowns have left the circus but God damn I should quit and do YouTube full time.

I doubt I can get any videos out this week. I'm going to try and get caught up on the weekend.

17:22 10/07/2019

Work is hectic and videos may not be as consistent as they once were but I'll try to keep the ATOM videos regular.

New Videos Now Up On Youtube:

Barry Plays: ATOM RPG - Three Dead Ends

17:22 10/07/2019

In this video we start off at Krasnoznamenny and join the Mushroom Cult. We also catch up with Nana Banana Devi Christu in the bar and have a nice long intellectual discussion in private. We also join the A-Team and head off to stop the slavers from attacking Otradnoye. And Finally we hit a dead end the Death Tunnel, and in the Wounded Tourist Tunnel, and in Peregon.
Barry Plays: ATOM RPG - Bunker 317

15:08 29/06/2019

In this video we delve deep into Bunker 317 and what an exciting time we shall have bringing some secrets to light. This is easily the best part of the game so far. This is quite a long video so time stamps are below.